Something Great

“At any rate, that is happiness; to be dissolved into something complete and great.” (My Antonia, Cather 26) I’ve been thinking a lot about this quote recently. Not because I have been reading My Antonia (I’ve never actually read the book, so get ready for me to take this quote way out of context) but because I’ve … More Something Great

I’ve Got Friends

Surprisingly enough (even to me!) I am not simply keeping to myself and those people who have been “assigned to me” if you will. I’ve actually made a couple of friends over the four days that I have been here.

It’s the Little Things

Whenever you enter a new country, you’re bound to experience some major culture shocks, but there’s also a large amount of small details that differentiate the two cultures and serve as small–sometimes constant–reminders that you are not at home. I’ve been here for exactly 36 hours at the time of writing this, but I’ve already picked up on a … More It’s the Little Things